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The Association of Indian Diplomats, a gathering of former Ambassadors / High Commissioners of India, was formed in November 1980 by a group of retired ambassadors, High Commissioners and Secretaries to the Government of India in the Ministry of External Affairs and was registered in 1981 at New Delhi under the Societies Registration Act of 1960


Having devoted the major part of their active lives to promoting the objectives of India's foreign policy, and having contributed, each in their own way, to the formulation and implementation of this policy, they believed that by keeping abreast of issues and developments relating to foreign and domestic affairs, they could continue to help in such ways as may be appropriate, in the promotion of a better understanding of India's role on the international stage.


It was also relevant that, after retirement, services of some of the retired Ambassadors have  been availed by Government from time to time or on a regular basis, for obtaining assessments on areas of their specialisation or for special assignments in the area of foreign affairs.


It was felt that a Formal but Voluntary Association that brings together such persons would also provide an useful forum for study, discussion and debate of relevant issues. It was envisaged that such a forum would also encompass interaction with academic personalities, experts and commentators in the field of international affairs as well as with other institutions with similar interests.


There was also an apparent need to generally bring together those who had worked for India in this field and to promote among them a sense of community and esprit de corps and to represent their interests as retired government servants. The Association, it was felt, could also provide social amenities and opportunities and facilitate inter-communication amongst them.


In order to promote these objectives, an Association "The Association of Indian Diplomats" was formed in 1980 and registered in 1981 at Delhi under the Societies Registration Act of 1960.






Qualifications for Membership

Rule 4 of the Rules and Regulations of the Association


4. Qualifications for membership: Admissions to all categories of membership will be with the approval of the Executive Committee whose decisions on membership shall be final. General qualifications for various categories of membership are described below:

(1) Life members: All ordinary members who pay life membership fees will become life members with the same rights and obligations as ordinary members.

(2) Ordinary members: The following shall be eligible to become ordinary members:

(a) All former members of the Indian Foreign Service who have served abroad as Ambassadors or High Commissioners of India or Permanent Representatives of India to the United Nations or as Secretaries or Additional Secretaries in the Ministry of External Affairs;

(b) All other persons who have served as Ambassadors or High Commissioners of India.

(c) All former international civil servants of Indian nationality who have in the past held positions of Under Secretary General and above in the U.N. system.


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List of Members

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The Association presently (as on September 23, 2023) has 306 Members - consisting of 272 Regular Members and 34 Guest Members



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'Rules & Regulations




Past Presidents of the Association

1982 - Baddrudin Tayabji

1983 - C. S. Jha

1984- Samar Sen

1985 - R. K. Tandon

1986 - J. N. Khosla

1987 - G.J. Malik

1988 - K.L. Dalal

1989 - Gurbachan Singh

1990 - Rukmini Menon

1991 - P.K. Dave

1992 - B.C. Mishra

1993 - Eric Gonsalves

1994 - J.R. Hiremath

1995 - S.J.S. Chhatwal

1996 - A.N.D. Haksar

1997 - N.N. Jha

1998 - K.K. Bhargava

1999 - C.V. Ranganathan

2000 - J.N. Dixit

2001 - Manorama Bhalla

2002 - K.N. Bakshi

2003 - I.P. Khosla

2004 - M.H. Ansari

2005 - S.K. Lambah

2006 - Shashank

2007 - Ishrat Aziz

2008 - K. P. Fabian

2009 - K. V. Rajan

2010 - Satish Chandra

2011 - Kanwal Sibal

2012 - R. Rajagopalan

2013 - Leela K. Ponappa

2014 - Nalin Surie

2015 - B. Balakrishnan

2016 - Amitava Tripathi

2017 - Sanjay Singh

2018 - Pinak Chakravarty

2019 - Bhaswati Mukherjee  

2020 - Bhaswati Mukherjee  

2021, - Amar Sinha

2022 Amar Sinha





Management of the Association


Management is in the hands of an elected Executive Committee comprising 6 office bearers, the President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and the Immediate Past President, and another 7 members.


The EC holds office from 1 April till 31 March of the next year. While all others are elected for a 1 year period, the Secretary, Joint Secretary and the Treasurer are elected for a 2 year term. The Vice President automatically assumes office of the President at the following AGM. A portion of the members of the EC retire by rotation, but are eligible for re-election. (Rule 6)



Executive Committee for the year 2023-24


T. C. A Raghavan

Amarendra Khatua

Anil Trigunayat

Zikrur Rahman

Achal Kumar Malhotra

Amar Sinha

Ruchi Ghanashyam

Bhaswati Mukherjee  

R. Rajagopalan

Navtej Singh Sarna

L. Savitri

Sanjay Singh

Vijay Thakur Singh


Vice President


Joint Secretary


Immediate Past President










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