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Special Issue on

India-US Relations under the Joe Biden Administration



277 -  279

Chintamani Mahapatra
Indo-US Relations under the Biden Administration: Predictable Difficulties Ahead

280 - 285

Arun K. Singh
India - US Relations: Continued Convergence, New Vistas, Managing Differences

286 - 296

Annpurna Nautiyal
India and the Biden Presidency


Arvind Kumar
India and the United States in the Emerging Global Order

304 - 311

Sanjukta Bhattacharya
India-US Relations under the Biden Administration: Future through Prism of the Past

312 - 319

Monish Tourangbam
The Biden Administration: Elevating America’s Shared Strategic Future with India

320 - 327

Pramit Pal Chaudhuri
A 'Climate Handshake': The India-US Green Strategic Partnership

328 - 334

G. Balachandran
The Biden Presidency: Some Indian Concerns

335 - 342

Shreya Upadhyay

India-US Relations: Will Continue to Flourish but in a More Structured Manner

343 - 349

Vivek Mishra

India-US Relationship under the Biden Administration: Apprehensions and Outcomes

350 - 360

 (The views expressed by the authors are their own, and do not reflect the views of the Indian Foreign Affairs Journal, or that of the Association of Indian Diplomats)