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Changing Political Dynamics in Sri Lanka

Implications for India-Sri Lanka Relations

Lakhan Mehrotra

Time for Change in South Asia

Nitin A. Gokhale

Sri Lanka and the India-China Conundrum

R. Hariharan

Leadership Change in Sri Lanka: Implications for India

J. Jeganaathan

India-Sri Lanka Relations in the New Era: Old Challenges, New Vistas

Gulbin Sultana

The Silver Lining in India-Sri Lanka Relations

Gautam Sen

Revisiting the Issue of ‘Highland Tamils’ in the Changing Political Dynamics



Vijay Sakhuja

Harnessing the Blue Economy

Deepak Bhojwani

Latin America and India: Understanding Mutual Opportunities

M. Ganapathi

‘Look East - Act East’ Dimension of India’s Foreign Policy

Parul Bakshi And Skand R. Tayal

India - ASEAN Economic Engagement and its Impact on Indian Economy



Anup Singh

Andaman and Nicobar Islands : India’s Untapped Strategic Assets by Sanat Kaul

Rajaram Panda

India’s Asia-Pacific Engagement: Impulses and Imperatives by Amar Nath Ram (ed.)

Dhruv Khatoch

Core Concerns in Indian Defence and the Imperatives for Reforms by Vinod Misra (ed.)

B. Balakrishnan

Asian Strategic Review 2015: India as a Security Provider by S.D. Muni and Vivek Chadha


Compendium Of Contributions

Published in Volume 9, 2014